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The ExamView Test Generator program provides all the tools, you need to create a paper test or an online test from your own questions or from those provided by a publisher. You can use the QuickTest Wizard to select the questions for a test, or you can use one or more of the other question selection options. After you create or build a test, you can change the instructions, reorder the questions, change the layout, print the test or publish an online test.
Launch ExamView Test Generator. A welcome screen with several options will appear. Choose the Create a new test using a wizard option:
Then You will see the screen where you have to enter the Title for your test.
Now you have to select the question bank, from where you want to Create your test. Now by selecting how many questions you want to select in your test, you will switch to screen where you will see all your selected questions.
You can also enter your questions in the test by clicking new Button.
Now it asks to you for selecting one of the 14 different questions type.
1.Multiple choice 2.Multiple Response
3.True-false 4. Yes-No
5.Modified True-False 6.Numeric response
7.Essay 8.Matching
9.Bimodal 10.Short Answer
11.Problem 12. Completion
13.Case 14.Other
After that, it will show the Question Editor window to typing your Own question.
By using Info Button you can set the properties of your question.
Scramble questions and make 26 single test different variations of it:
With the Scramble option, the program randomly rearranges the questions in your test so that you can make the same test paper in different order for every individual student .
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