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You can make the test by simply entering the questions of your choice. You can create a new question or edit a question while building a test. However, editing a question after it, is included on a test does not change the original question in the question bank. You must edit or add new questions in a question bank to make them available as you build tests.
Using the Exam -View Test Generator, you can
• Enter new questions or edit existing questions.
• Copy and paste questions from another source.
• Using the Exam -View Import Utility, import questions from a Word document or an RTF file.
• You can enter your questions into Question Banks(a collection of questions and all of the related items such as pictures, equations, learning objectives, standards, etc.).
Create A Question Bank:
1. Start the Exam-View Test Generator program.
2. Choose Create a new question bank from the Welcome Screen.
3. Name the question bank and click the OK button. An empty question bank page appears on your Screen.
To Enter Your Own Questions the Question Editor is used:
Click the New button. The New Question window opens.
You can select one of the 14 question types
• Multiple choice • Multiple Response
• True-false • Yes-No
• Modified True-False • Numeric response
• Essay • Matching
• Bimodal • Short Answer
• Problem • Completion
• Case • Other
Select any question type, and click OK. The question editor will appear.
Type Your Own Question in question typing box.
Optional: Change the answer stem options.
Answer: Choose the correct answer.
Choices: Define the number of answer options.
Columns: Specify how many columns the answer options will be divided into.
You can set the information about the question By clicking the Info Button.
Click Record to save and close the question.
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