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The Exam-View Assessment Suite Version 7.50 (including the Test Generator, Test Manage, and Test Player) is a comprehensive solution for creating, administerin and scoring tests. The software includes many features to save your time and generate information to assess and improve student's performance.
Our mission is to enhance the learning process by providing superior products for students and educators. We believe that the Exam-View® Assessment Suite can truly enhance your classroom performance.
Exam-View has three basic functioning parts:
By using Exam-View Test Generator By using Exam-View Test Manager:
You can create a paper test in less than five minutes.
  • You can print multiple versions of the same test.
You can enter your own questions.
You can prepare an online test, study guide and worksheet.
You can upload question banks and tests to Learning management Systems such as ANGEL,Black Board and Web-CT.
By using Exam-View Test Player:
Take study guides, quizzes and tests using a local area network. By using Scanner and by using CPS also.
Exam-View has the following functionalities-
14 different formats for creating a single question:
By using Exam-View you can create a question in 14 formats that is of your own choice.
1.Multiple choice 2.Multiple Response
3.True-false 4. Yes-No
5.Modified True-False 6.Numeric response
7.Essay 8.Matching
9.Bimodal 10.Short Answer
11.Problem 12. Completion
13.Case 14.Other
You can create or import a class roster.
You can automatically score a paper test using a scanner.
You can automatically score an assignment using CPS student response devices.
You can administer and score an online test.
You can prepare a variety of useful class and student reports .
Scramble questions and make 26 different variations of it:
With the Scramble option, the program randomly rearranges the questions in your test so that you can make the same test paper in different order for every individual student.
You can take the result of test by using OMR Scanner:
Using the Exam-View Test Manager, you can easily score student's assignments with a scanner. When you use a scanner to score your students’ tests, you..
• Save time
• Get instant results.
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