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The Exam-View Test Manager enables you to prepare a variety of reports based on your students' assignment results data.
You can print a report for a single assignment, a group of assignments, or all assignments.
You can also easily customize a report to include selected students filtered by various criteria. Many of the reports include graphs and charts that provide a visual analysis of the data.
By using Exam-View Test Manager you can generate the following class and student reports:
Class Reports Student Reports
Assignment Results Assignment Results
Class Assignment Summary Assignment Review
Open-Ended response Worksheet Student Progress Report
Item Analysis Summary Learning Focus
Class Roster Performance summary
Learning Focus  
Performance summary  
Class performance Progress chart  
Class Reports: The Exam-View Test Manager provides numerous reports to help you understand and evaluate your students' performance.
The Assignment Results report provides performance data for each student for a particular assignment. The report includes the student's name, ID, points earned, and percentage achieved.
By using Exam-View, you can also prepare reports on the basis of other attributes described in the table.
Student Reports: The Exam-View Test .
Manager provides five reports that highlight each student's individual performance for one or more assignments.
The Assignment Results report reflects a student's performance for one assignment.
The report includes the following information: assignment average, points earned for each question, and the student's response for each question.
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