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Test Publishing on Internet (HTML format):
Using the Exam-View Test Generator, you can publish any test as an HTML document.
Publishing an HTML test is a quick way to create an online test. After you publish the test, you must copy the files to your website so that your students can access the test.
There are several advantages of publishing an test on Internet. Online tet can be taken anytime, from anywhere and any number of time
It can provide error-free result.
It gives feedback to user on the spot like scores or grades.
Publish an Internet (HTML) Test:
1. Start the Exam-View Test Generator and create or open a test.
2. On the File menu, point to Export, and then click HTML.
3. Enter a test title and choose to export a study guide or a test.
4. You must include the valid E-Mail address, so that the results can be sent to your email address.
5. Click Save to save the HTML document and image files to your hard drive.
6. The test is saved now in the form of html page and opened in a browser.
7. After completing test , when you click on the Grade and Submit the result will be sent to your email id.
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