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Score Paper test with a scanner:
Using the Exam-View Test Manager, you can easily score student's assignments with a scanner. When you use a scanner to score your students' tests, you..
• Save time.
• Get instant results.
Saving time is an obvious advantage. Scanner technology makes it easy to score multiple choice, multiple response and true/false questions. If a test includes both objective and open-ended questions, you can score the objective questions with a scanner and then manually score the open-ended questions, recording the points earned for those questions.
Using Bubble Forms for Scanning:
For dedicated OMR scanners, Exam-View-specific bubble forms must be used.For printing Bubble form you can select the print bubble form option from Exam-view Test Manager. Now a window appears which asks to you which option do you want to print on Bubble form. Now you can print the desired Bubble sheet.
Dedicated OMR Scanning:
Dedicated Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) scanners are designed specifically for reading special bubble forms, ordered from the manufacturer. Scanning these forms reads the students' responses for each question, stores this information for each student's and automatically calculates their score based on the point values assigned to the questions .
How to get Results from OMR Scanner:
• Launch Exam-view test manager and open a class. Select the assignment that you will be scoring.
• Click the get results from the Scanner button on the toolbar.
• Select the OMR scanner from the drop-down list box. Select the connection port to which the scanner is connected. Select the form used from the drop-down list box. Set the beginning question number and click
• Click Start Scanning to activate the scanning session. Click Finish to accept the scores and return to the grade-book.
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