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The Exam-View Test Manager provides the features, you need to track results for paper and online tests. To begin, you must create a new class. Then, you can manually enter the student's information or import a roster from another format such as your grade book. Follow the steps in the appropriate section to create a new class and enter your roster.By using Class you can enter the students' name and can create an Assignment which can define the test type, whether you want to take test online or by using scanner .
Create a New Class:
Launch the Exam-View Test Manager. A startup window with two options will appear. Choose the Start a new class option.
Now you can enter students detail by using New Student button. And can create the new assignment by using New Assignment button.
Import A Class Roster:
Exam-View Test Manager makes it easy to import your student' roster from other file types. At a minimum, the file must include the student’s first name, last name and unique student ID.
• Import Class Roster from Text.
• Import Class Roster from CPS Database/Package.
• Import Class Roster from CPS Export a Class Roster.
Exam-View Test Manager easily allows you to export your student roster for use in other programs.
You can Export a roster in the following ways-
  • • Export Roster as Text.
• Export Roster as CPS Database/Package.
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